Runners dating site

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An articulated steering bumper came out around 1928, and those seem to be the major engineering modifications.

However, numerous nuances also occurred along the way and we will spotlight them in the following entries.

The entries will use examples from the sleds submitted by the various collectors to this site.

Although S L Allen made sleds under other names such as Fire Fly or Yankee Clipper, those sleds are not included at this time.

Given its “Tinder for athletes” moniker my husband was less than thrilled (His verbatim quote was, “WTF, Allison? Evidently it was even so out of character for my i Phone usage that Apple sent me email suggesting my account had been hacked.

Then there’s the fact that I live in a remote area.

We think Jaha, which is a Zulu word for “Chase,” was fitting and did the job because we are targeting fitness people who happen to be looking for each other. Is that missing the point, or an expected type of connection?

We are going to add “location” in future version so that users can connect with fitness friends in the areas of interest for their vacation destinations or business trips.

I believe this is the main reason for the “Tinder for athletes” comparison.

WR: Based upon feedback you’ve received, how is Jaha most commonly utilized?

Women’s Running: First, the name—what’s the significance?

Gary So: We were looking for a potential jingle and an easy word for people to remember.

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